Dragon Treasure Trove


This Treasure Trove is a symbol of vast accumulation of wealth and assets. Start to symbolically amass “asset wealth” for your family by filling your Double Dragon Carp Treasure Trove with gold bars and ingots. (See options below to add ingots, gold bar and semi precious stones)

Place in the Northwest or Southeast of the home in the living room filled with golden ingots, gold bars, coins tied with red thread and lucky wish granting jewels. You can also include real money! Add to its accumulation whenever you can, to symbolize the active amassing of wealth and assets.

You can also display this wonderful energizer of wealth in your office to attract greater profits, new business opportunities and good fortune into your office.

*ingots and gold bars sold separately

Weight: 1250 grams
Height: 12.5 cm
Length: 41.0 cm
Width: 15.5 cm
Make: Resin
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