Faceted Terahertz Bracelet with Dharmachakra Wheel Charm


Terahertz stones are excellent for promoting good health and smooth chi flow, great for balancing the energy fields of your body. It has been used to treat stiff necks, backaches and to promote blood circulation. Wear this bracelet to help recharge the energy fields of your body, improving your overall feeling of well-being. The Dharmachakra Wheel charm represents Buddhas path of enlightenment, and brings blessings that enhance your spiritual health and balance.

Care instructions: This charm bracelet contains: dharmachakra wheel silver charm, faceted terahertz beads. To clean, use a damp cloth but do not soak in water. Silver elements may tarnish when exposed to sweat for prolonged periods; polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth to maintain a quality shine.

Weight: 15 grams
Length: 18 - 19 cm
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)

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