Gift of Gold - Dharmachakra Wheel of Fortune Pendant


In the Chinese culture, wearing gold jewelry is believed to bring lots of good luck. And when the item includes auspicious symbols in the design, then the luck is multiplied. Wear an auspicious symbol in 18K gold to maximize your good fortune. These specially crafted gifts in gold make excellent presents of love and care.

This beautiful 18K solid gold pendant is the Dharmachakra Wheel of Fortune which invites great wisdom, good fortune and cosmic protection from all 8 directions of the compass. The genuine zirconia diamond in the centre of the wheel symbolizes the precious unbreakable Jewel that holds and turns the spokes of the wheel of fortune. Wear it near your heart or throat chakras to empower your aura with protection and wise outcomes in all your decision-making. This pendant is an excellent coming-of-age gift to young adults who are starting their careers and for students who need the luck of wisdom to achieve good examination results.

Each piece is made to order. Please allow up to four weeks for shipment.

Weight: 6 grams
Height: 3.2 cm
Length: 2.8 cm
Make: 18K Gold

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