God of Happiness Gold Talisman Card


Fuk Luk Sau, also known as the Three Star Gods, represent the 3 aspirations essential to living the good life. Fuk is the God of Wealth, and is considered the personification of prosperity, abundance and good fortune. Luk is the God of Happiness, and symbolizes rank, influence and success in examinations. Sau is the God of Longevity and is believed to be in control of the life span of mortals. These Three Star Gods can be found in most Chinese homes and business premises, signifying the attainment of complete good fortune.

We have made them into gold cards with their images and talismans to make it easy to activate their energies around you at all times.

Carry these gold cards in your wallet or purse to constantly attract their very positive blessings and qualities.  

Weight: 10 grams
Height: 5.5 cm
Length: 8.5 cm
Make: Metal

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happiness it is!

Every time I'm holding this, it seems like its giving a vibration of happiness within me..

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