Heart Sutra Pagoda

US$198.97 US$139.28

The Five Yellow of 2022 is especially potent as it has returned to its original position in the Lo Shu square, the center. Being in the center of the grid also means that this years wuwang afflicts all individuals and all households equally no one will be spared its ill effects. The #5 brings misfortune that is wide-ranging and that can span the whole spectrum of emotions and life aspirations. It can cause loss of wealth, loss of one's source of income, loss of your job, loss of a friendship or relationship, being cheated or betrayed, loss of good health and so on.

When the Five Yellow is strong, it needs to be strongly subdued. This is why this years pagoda features the powerful Heart Sutra. The Sutra is inscribed in both Chinese and Tibetan, and the pagoda topped with the sun and moon to represent harnessing the power of the cosmos.

Place in the center of the home in 2022, or of any room where you spend a lot of time in.

Weight: 695 grams
Height: 20.5 cm
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Make: Metal

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