Ho Tu Enhancer


Channelling the Power of the Dragon Horse

This Ho Tu Enhancer with magical Ho Tu Square on one side and brass mirror with wish-granting mantra on the other, activates the special luck of the Ho Tu. It channels the powers of the Dragon Horse and attracts four kinds of good fortune into ones life. It brings superior intelligence, asset wealth, wise leadership and big profits.


The 2/7 Ho Tu causes your ASSET WEALTH and net worth to grow.

The 3/8 Ho Tu brings LEADERSHIP LUCK to those in positions of power.

The 4/9 Ho Tu brings BIG PROFIT LUCK to those pursuing commercial ventures.

Especially beneficial to carry in months when ones animal sign enjoys the Ho Tu combination in its chart; or carry constantly, to enjoy this good fortune luck all year round.

Weight: 48 grams
Length: 1 cm
Diameter: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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