Incense Kit for Space Clearing & Appeasing Local Spirits


This incense kit comes complete with

  1. Incense Holder
  2. Kemenyen Incense Cups (4 pieces)
  3. Agarwood Powder (15 grams)
  4. Frankincense (20 grams)
  5. Sage (10 grams)
  6. Charcoal Discs (5 pieces)

For Appeasing Local Spirits

Agarwood powder burnt in the Kemenyen incense cups are used to appease local spirits, hungry ghosts and local landlords that could disturb the peace in home. Light this incense and walk clockwise around each room in your home, in your garden and in the compound of your home.

Chant the following mantra after lighting the incense:


After completing your walk-about, dedicate all the incense smells to the spiritual protectors, landlords, wandering spirits and ancestral ghosts around you and request that they look after you instead of harming you.

For Space Clearing

The Frankincense and Sage cleanse stubborn negative energy from the walls of your home. Light the charcoal discs and wait till it turns a light grey and even colour. Place up to 4 granules of Frankincense and Sage on top of the charcoal discs. This is used in the space-clearing ritual, and should be repeated once a month.

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