[Limited Edition] The Kumbum Stupa

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The Kumbum Stupa, with one hundred holy images, symbolically invokes the protective presence of all the world's Wisdom Protectors. When you place this sacred Stupa in your living space, it ensures everyone living within are protected against everything that causes discord or brings distress. This Stupa magnifies positive energies and will prevent evil influences from entering into the home.

Only 50 pieces of this Stupa have been made and the mould has already been broken. These fifty pieces were handcrafted and painted by Master Craftsmen with painstaking precision, making this Collector's Piece a true work of heirloom art.

The Stupa has many doors to symbolize the different Deities of the Buddhist pantheon, which include the WISDOM BUDDHAS of the Four Directions who are also the Heads of the JEWEL, VAJRA, DOUBLE DORJE and LOTUS families.

In the SOUTH sits RATNASAMBHAVA, the Yellow Buddha, who is the Head of the Jewel family. This Buddha bestows the wisdom of equanimity, representing the energies of INCREASE.

In the EAST sits AKSHOBHYA, the Blue Buddha, Head of the Vajra family. This Buddha enhances one's wisdom of reflection and dispels all anger energies. He symbolises PACIFICATION.

In the NORTH sits AMOGHASIDDHI, the Green Buddha, Head of the Double DORJE family. This is the Buddha who brings ACTION energies to perfect your Dharma practice.

In the WEST sits AMITABHA, the Red Buddha, Head of the Lotus family. This is the Buddha of Compassion and endless love, and he brings the wisdom of COMPASSION.

Embedded inside the Stupa are three powerful mantras: the Four Dharmakaya Relics Mantra, the Dependent Arising Mantra, and the Lotus Sutra. This Stupa has also been filled with crystal gem chips to symbolize wealth, prosperity and abundance. When placed in the Center of your living or dining area, this Kumbum Stupa dispels afflictions of every kind, and brings all the blessings of the Buddhas.

This is a rare opportunity to invite this limited edition Kumbum Stupa into your home!

Weight: 5100 grams
Height: 29.5 cm
Length: 21.5 cm
Width: 23 cm
Make: Metal

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