Loshu Dzi Bracelet with 2 Eye, 5 Eye and 8 Eye Dzi


Smooth Relationships, Love and Success

Originating from Tibet in the Buddhist lineage, Dzi Beads are believed to bring various kinds of benefits and good fortune with different uses and purpose depending on the type of patterns found on the Dzi Bead. In the Tibetan culture these beads are believed to attract local Protectors, Dharmapalas or Bodhisattvas. Because of this, Dzi Beads are always treated with respect.

The 2 Eye Dzi is known as the Bead of Love, it symbolizes a harmonious marriage between husband and wife, between family members and good relationships with other people. It is also a bead worn by those who are single to improve their marriage and relationship luck.

The 5 Eye Dzi represents the blessings of Kubera the god of wealth, for continued good fortune and long life. This Dzi also bring happiness and a contented life.

The 8 Eye Dzi represents the 8 auspicious signs and brings about a life blessed by Buddha and the 8 Bodhisattvas. Wearing this Dzi helps in completion of all tasks and creates success luck in your life.

Made out of sterling silver and white gold plated, this bracelet also feature three hanging 8's to enhance the luck of prosperity in this current Period of 8.

Weight: 10 grams
Length: 18 cm
Make: 926 Sterling Silver with White Gold Plating

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