Nine Wealth Wallet


for abundance and continuous wealth

This elegant red wallet is an excellent wealth enhancer for the chic woman about town! Featuring the 9, which to the Chinese is symbolic of the saying "Cheong Cheong Kau Kau", meaning long lasting wealth with maximum levels of good luck, it activates riches and abundance every time it is opened and closed!

By harnessing the power of the number 9 whose potency is rising quickly the closer we get to Period 9, it brings swift completion and long-lasting success. Hidden inside is the Wish Fulfilling Mantra and Wealth Dzambala Mantra that channel and magnify wealth luck. Use daily to ensure all your efforts in Period of 8 continue to pay off handsomely throughout Period of 9.

Designed as slim as possible, this wallet is a lightweight carry-all for all your local and foreign currency. It has a side zipper for credit card, ID cards and/or receipts, and a tassel for easy zipping.

These make gorgeous, unique and super auspicious ang pow packets to give to your children and those closest to you during Chinese New Year.

Weight: 45 grams
Height: 10 cm
Length: 19.5 cm
Make: PU Leather

Customer Reviews

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On the day I got my parcel, I just finished having my nails done. So when I opened it with my newly-colored nails, it blended with my hands! I feel like it called me to be its owner!!

Natalia Li
Nine wealth wallet

I really like this wallet. it is convenient, practical, and most importantly, it works and attracts money. 100% verified

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