Peacock Agate with Infinity Symbol


Peacock Agate, also known as the “Stone of Joy” is believed to bring plenty of positive energy, which channels happiness and fulfillment into your life. When combined with the Infinity Symbol, it brings everlasting happiness, and when worn as a matching pair by lovers or husband and wife, it brings togetherness and everlasting love.

Before wearing this bracelet, you should rinse it with some sea salt and Water, before drying it in the sun to maximize its effects.

Care instructions: This charm bracelet contains: infinity gold plated charm, peacock agate beads. To clean, use a damp cloth but do not soak in water. Silver elements may tarnish when exposed to sweat for prolonged periods; polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth to maintain a quality shine.

Weight: 25 grams
Length: 18 - 19 cm
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)
Make: 10mm Peacock Agate Stone with Zirconia Infinity

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