Perfect Partnerships to Attract Big Wealth


This dazzling Ox and Rat pair makes a brilliant wealth enhancer, especially for those looking for speculative investment gains.

The Ox here takes the stance of the Wall Street Bull. The Rat is the animal that symbolizes the ability to make money no matter what the circumstance. Under Astrology, when Rat and Ox are depicted together, they form the House of Ingenuity and awaken creative genius and inspired ideas. In Feng Shui, the Rat symbolizes adaptability and the Ox symbolizes strength and staying power.

This Ox and Rat pair also features a bejeweled 8, the number of wealth and of the current Period of 8.

Place anywhere in the home or office. Also an excellent energizer for Big Auspicious luck.

Weight: 330 grams
Height: 6 cm
Length: 10.5 cm
Width: 4.8
Make: Metal

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