Period 9 Windhorse


for magnificent success luck

The Windhorse, the magical steed of King Gesar, is one of the most potent symbols of success. When one’s inner “lung ta” is at low levels, it is said that one’s inner windhorse is weak and needs strengthening. The best way is by inviting the windhorse into one’s living space. 

This Period 9 Windhorse carries the Daktar, the magical implement used to “hook” in abundance and prosperity. It is said that the speed and strength of the windhorse carries one’s prayers from earth to heaven, swiftly fulfilling all of one’s wishes and aspirations.  

Invite in this Windhorse as we cross over from Period 8 to Period 9 to ensure a seamless transition into the Period of Fire, safeguarding everything one already has, and inviting in new triumphs and successes to come. 

Place in the SW or South. 

Weight: 445 grams
Height: 10.0 cm
Length: 3.5 cm
Width: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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wonderful. thank you so much

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