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Personalized Feng Shui Reading



Period 7
Period 8


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Are you beset with a Feng Shui predicament that you cannot handle? We will provide the solution to your Feng Shui dilemma.

Our personalized feng shui reading will include:
1. Your personal kua number
2. Individual Eight Mansions analysis
3. Compatibility based on kua number, Chinese zodiac & year element
4. Flying Star Natal Chart analysis for your home/office
5. Annual Flying Stars for the present year
6. Feng shui solution to your predicament


1. House Period:
Period 7 -
Houses that were built between 4th Feb 1984 to 4th Feb 2004
Period 8 -
Houses that were built between 4th Feb 2004 to 4th Feb 2024

2. Partner's information is OPTIONAL

3. The report will be emailed to you in within 10 business days.

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