Phoenix Mirror with Wish-Granting Mantra


The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of STRENGTH & RENEWAL, as it is the bird that rises to success from any kind of adversity or hardship. It brings renewal, resilience and new opportunities. Display in the South of your living room or on your work desk for career and recognition luck, or as a pair with the Dragon Mirror to do double duty for a harmonious marriage and happy family life.

You can also fold and carry in your bag for protection wherever you go. Each mirror features the wish-granting mantra, so each time you want to wish for something, bring out the mirror and make your wish!

Whenever you feel unsafe, take it out of your bag and scan the room/surroundings with the mirror the mirror will absorb all negative energy that may be lingering nearby. This keeps you safe and ensure interactions you have with others go smoothly. Every once in a while, take these mirrors out into the sun to cleanse them and to renew their power.

Weight: 205 grams
Height: 14.7 cm
Diameter: 8.8 cm
Make: Metal with Enamel

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