Red Prosperity Elephant

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with Anti-Conflict Amulet

This handsome red elephant with trunk down attracts peace and prosperity. It carries a treasure vase on its back to signify riches and goodies of all kinds. On one side of its saddle is the Wealth Amulet to attract prosperity luck, and on the other is the Anti-Conflict Amulet to ensure there are never any arguments over money matters. In Chinese, the saying “Taiping Youxiang”, which sounds like Vase and Elephant, also sound like “Peace” and “Signs”, so to the Chinese, when an elephant carries a treasure vase, it carries the meaning “When there is peace, good things will come.”

This Prosperity Elephant with Treasure Vase is the perfect remedy for the #3 conflict star in the Center (2024), and also a fabulous wealth enhancer to unlock the hidden riches of the year.

Inviting in this wonderful elephant in the home enhances the two kinds of luck needed for one to realize wealth luck, and great happiness as well.

Weight: 870 grams
Height: 13.0 cm
Length: 11.5 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

A must have if you are collecting elephants nicely made. Good quality.

The GORGEOUS Red Prosperity Elephant

Amazing Feng Shui piece. Beautifully detailed. Eye catching. Constant reminder of one’s own personal luck and wealth. I am frequently ever so grateful to have this item in my home. Nicely weighted and easily placed for display. Thank you WOFS and FSMegalMall. Absolutely GORGEOUS.

Mylene E
Love the Red Elephant

Had to get a 2nd statue coz I inadvertently threw the 1st box with the Treasure vase in it. So far, I placed it in the SE corner where the #3 Hostility Star resides in 2023 & felt its calming effect, still gets irritated with my husband but not as much. I have yet to experience the prosperity manifestations though😄

Gorgeous Elephant

This must be one of the most beautiful elephants I’ve seen/owned in Feng shui. So happy I purchased this. If it gets restocked I’ll be getting another one as a gift for someone.

Beautiful item

Fens Shui Cure that adds elegance to the area. Recommended

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