Red Ru Yi with Bats


For those in positions of leadership and management, the best way to enhance your effectiveness as a leader and boss is with the help of the Ru Yi. This royal scepter of power bestows on you the right to rule. In ancient China, anyone in a position of power would keep a Ru Yi at his side at all times. Place your Ru Yi on your work desk or carry in your bag.

This Ru Yi with Bats brings the luck of success and abundance and is suitable for those whose main aims are happiness and abundance. Any boss or leader can use the help of this Ru Yi to ensure things between all in their group stay harmonious, joyful and calm at all times. It attracts the luck of abundance and success, so whatever you pursue turns out fruitful and effective. Helps you to reach your final goals in the most harmonious way.

Weight: 470 grams
Height: 5.3 cm
Length: 16.5 cm
Width: 4.8 cm
Make: Metal

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