Sky Wolf

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for immeasurable blessings & to get your timing right

The Sky Animals hail from the Lunar Constellations, ruling over the construct of time, and believed to bestow the luck of good timing. Each sky animal has its own symbolism and features but all share the characteristic of conferring the luck of timing. As we know, with most things, timing is everything. Thus, inviting symbolism of the sky animals into one’s living space is always auspicious. [This year, we introduce another 4 sky animals:]

protects your wealth & sharpens your intuition

The Sky Wolf, the first animal of the White Tiger Constellation, is a great protector. It keeps one’s wealth safe and sharpens one’s intuition against imminent dangers and duplicities. In many cultures, wolves are closely linked to the supernatural, possessing great sacred wisdom and formidable inner strength. Wolves always guard their pack ferociously, with the nerve to stand their ground in the face of any kind of danger. Excellent for anyone who needs to protect their boundaries, and to strengthen their life force when one’s level of this element luck is low.

Weight: 325 grams
Height: 10.5 cm
Length: 11.0 cm
Width: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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