Sum-of-Ten Amulet

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This Completion Talisman magnifies sum-of-ten luck, ensuring you effectively capture all the good fortune luck that comes your way. It is the kind of luck which all signs enjoy at least once (or twice) through the course of the year. With this amulet, you ensure you can successfully capture whatever luck comes your way, causing you to enjoy good outcomes in all your endeavours.

Weight: 60 grams
Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 6 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Chia
Bought the wrong item, return and refund is so tedious

I bought sum of ten amulet but I purchase the wrong item, its without the mantra, after chatting with the customer service, I thought everything should be OK if I return the parcel and at the same time just pay for another delivery fee, but its not, they still require me to sent my tracking number to them, and I can't even do an exchange at Singapore outlet due to their whatever reasons, its too tedious, customer service are very lousy, took like few hours to reply a simple text, and can't even resolve anything. Wasted My time, and initially I thought wofs service should be good but now I think otherwise.

Dear Daniel,
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with our return procedures. We are continually working to improve our response times and customer support to ensure a more seamless experience for our valued customers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further suggestions or questions.

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