The Great Increasing Mantra Shawl


This elegant precious Great Increasing Mantra Shawl contains one of the most powerful mantras ever discovered for has the power to increase all your good deeds a million fold, and fulfil your wishes if you read it just three times a day. Just by looking at it or wearing it for others to see creates the cosmic cause to bring you wealth, happiness and power.

Wear this shawl across your back or front to display the mantra. Anyone who sees you with this shawl will gravitate towards your magnetic aura and transform into your friends. This shawl is an excellent ally when attending power meetings where you wish to be heard as it also contains the fierce markings of the protective white tiger and the agile leopard. When not in use, kindly keep this shawl hung in a high place and do not place it on the floor.

Weight: 15 grams
Height: 68 cm
Length: 186 cm
Fabric: Pashmina

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