Great Magic Tortoise


for happiness, health, wealth & longevity

This Great Magic Tortoise is the perfect conveyor of good fortune, bringing a life that’s full, abundant and happy. The Tortoise is known to live for hundreds of years and has long been considered by the Chinese a wonderful symbol of good luck, good health and great prosperity. Features a myriad of good fortune symbols! The crane, lingzhi, wulou, mystic knot, pine tree, gingko leaves, bamboo, peaches, medicinal flowers and herbs for health… and treasure chest, wealth pot, I-Ching coin, four leaf clover, horseshoe and mandarin orange for wealth!

Display anywhere in the home for an abundance of good health and good fortune!

Weight: 465 grams
Height: 27.5 cm
Length: 19 cm
Width: 10.5 cm
Make: Resin

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anne Trine Austvoll
Very good energy

I love the Great Magic Tortoise, it sends out great energies

Josie Pe
Great magic tortoise

I love this and hope it will extend its magic to our home

Pualani PATER

very good

Maria Victoria T. Manahan
Amazing, magical really! Love it.

A Okay.

Jay Soh
Amazing Tortoise

It is a great Fengsui activator to be displayed in the East to alleviate any damages if happened to me in the month of June. Intend to move to other sector of the house to activate my luck in other areas.

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