The Magic Macaw


for wealth protection & preservation

The Macaw is the guardian associated with the SOUTH, the Direct Spirit of Period 9, the Period into which we are now entering. 

The Direct Spirit of the current period brings enormous wealth and abundance luck, and activating this part of the home or office with the magic macaw helps ensure you capture all the wonderful and varied goodies that it brings, as well as preserving what you already have. 

This handsome macaw holds a pearl in its beak to symbolize Water element energy, the element that represents money. 

In 2024, Water is in incredibly short supply in the year’s chart. Displaying this macaw with pearl in the home helps replenish the missing Water, while attracting wealth luck and bringing the year’s chart back into balance. 

Weight: 400 grams
Diameter: 7.0 cm
Height: 9.5 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

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A beauty!

Great coloring. Nice weight. And very alluring. Truly a gem of gems to champion the year to come!

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