Water Wave with Pearl Amulet

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to access hidden wealth luck

In 2024, the element of Water, which signifies Wealth, is completely missing from the main chart. There is however hidden Water, which means there is hidden wealth. This indicates that while it will not be easy to make money in the coming year, the potential is there. The year is desperately in need of Water to redress the unbalance in the year’s chart, and the best way to do this is with the symbolic presence of Water. 

Carry this Water Wave With Pearl amulet to reconcile the elements. Keep close to you at all times. This amulet also features the Taoist talisman for Wealth.

Weight: 50.0 cm
Length: 11.0 cm
Width: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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Perfect wave

It is good quality, easy to carry around and fits the bill for a great 2024

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