Water Wave With Purple Pearl

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to access hidden wealth luck

In 2024, the element of Water, which signifies Wealth, is completely missing from the main chart. There is however hidden Water, which means there is hidden wealth. This indicates it will not be easy to make money in the coming year, but the potential is there. The year is desperately in need of Water, and the best way to redress the unbalance in the year’s chart is with the symbolic presence of Water. 

This water wave represents this much needed element; the purple pearl within signifies the treasures to be found when one successfully unlocks that wealth luck. EVERY HOME should invite in this symbol of Water element energy for 2024. Place in the North, the sector of Water, and where the Prosperity Star of the year has flown to.

Weight: 845 grams
Height: 13.0 cm
Length: 20.0 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Make: Resin

Customer Reviews

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Looking good 👍

Esther Woody
Water Wave With Purple Pearl

The Water Wave With Purple Pearl is a very elegant looking statue. It looks extremely realistic. I can't wait to set it in its proper place.The vibes it is sending will be outstanding in our home. Thank you to the WOFS family.

Veronica Gheorghe
Amazing work

It’s beautiful! 😍

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