White Dzambala & Four Dakinis

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White Dzambhala is the wealth-granting aspect of the Compassionate Buddha and sits on a Turquoise Dragon, surrounded by four Dakinis each signifying a Buddhist cosmic family and a compass direction. Dakinis are powerful female angels who help Dzambhala bring riches into the lives of those who call on him for help.

From the East comes blue coloured Vajra Dakini holds a thunderbolt in her right hand; from the South comes Ratna Dakini holds a jewel in her right hand; from the West comes Padma Dakini and she holds a lotus in her right hand; and from the North comes green coloured Karma Dakini who holds a Double Dorje in her right hand.

Invite White Dzambala and the Four Dakinis into your home to attract wealth and prosperity luck for the whole family.

When you gaze upon White Dzambala, it is excellent to recite his mantra: Om Padma Krodha AryaDzambhala Hridaya Hum Phat

Even better if you repeat this mantra daily 108 times using a mala or rosary specially reserved for this purpose. You can also use the short version of the mala and recite either 21 or 28 times.

Weight: 3405 grams
Height: (Dzambala) 15.2 cm & (Dakinis) 13.5 cm
Length: (Dzambala) 12 cm & (Dakinis) 11 cm
Make: Metal

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