Wish Fulfilling Shawl - Teal Blue

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Empower your mind towards actualizing your dearest wishes with this soft silk-pashmina shawl. Peppered with beautiful good fortune symbols and sacred mantras, this shawl shows off teal-blue mantras across your chest when worn around your back and shoulders. On one end is the OM PADMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT mantra which opens doors for you to actualize your wishes.

Wear it the other way and you benefit from the OM HANU PASHA BHAR HE YE SVOHA, a special mantra that dissolves problems that deter you from achieving your goals. Each shawl comes with precious good fortune symbols that purify the mind; the lotus for pure intentions, the wheel to remove your ignorance, the mystic knot for everlasting prosperity and the OM syllable to lead you to ultimate happiness. You may also wear it around your neck, across your back or as a head scarf to bring auspiciousness with you everywhere you go.

Weight: 65 grams
Height: 65 cm
Length: 191 cm
Fabric: Silk

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Diana Jarvis
Gorgeous colors

Besides having gorgeous colors, it's light enough to wear whenever you want at any time of year. It also feels comforting to wrap it around you, like you're getting a hug from the universe.

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