12 Eye Dzi Bead with Black Onyx for Protection


This awesome protection bracelet features the12 Eye Dzi Bead to repel 12 types of misfortune.

  • 12 Eye Dzi Bead repels 12 types of misfortune related to physical, emotional and spiritual harm.
  • The first four eyes repels harm caused by accidents, losing possessions, wounds from metal weapons and natural disasters.
  • The second four eyes repels harm caused by gossip, jealousy, hurtful words from loved ones and rude treatment from strangers.
  • The third set of four eyes repel harm caused by four types of wandering spirits.
  • Black Onyx beads channel the benevolent protection of protectors.
  • Especially powerful when worn during days where the Lo Shu number is 2, 5 or 7.
  • Wear it when travelling or whenever you feel some danger.

Care instructions: This charm bracelet contains: silver bead balls, onyx beads and a quartz Dzi Bead. To clean, use a damp cloth but do not soak in water. Silver elements may tarnish when exposed to sweat for prolonged periods; polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth to maintain a quality shine.

Weight: 30 grams
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)

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R m far
Looks great!

Looks good. The brads are bigger and shinier than expected, which is good.

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