3 Celestial Shields


The 3 Celestial Shields is an excellent antidote to counter the negative impact of the Three Killings affliction. These shields act as an effective armor, sheltering you from the effects of this difficult affliction when it hits. All homes should display these shields in the SOUTH part of the home in 2024. Anyone with something to lose, who operate where the stakes are high, or who are going through years of low element luck are also recommended to carry the 3 Celestial Shields Portable Amulet when on the go. Use as a keychain or as a bag decoration.

The 3 Celestial Shields feature the 3 Celestial Creatures, the Pi Yao, the Chi Lin and the Fu Dog. Together, these three provide robust spiritual protection against forces out of your own control, allowing you to take charge of your own destiny effectively. They will protect you from the external chaos in your wider environment, forming an invisible shield around you so whatever happens outside does not hurt you.

Weight: 400 grams
Height: 9 cm
Length: 20 cm
Width: 5 cm
Make: Alloy & Acrylic

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