Bejewelled King Gesar with 13 Wermas

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King Gesar is the Warrior Buddha of Wealth and Success!

  • King Gesar is associated with material and spiritual success
  • He is revered for his absolute triumph over evil and ones enemies.
  • He is the perfect patron deity for those pursuing high-flying corporate careers or running a commercial enterprise.
  • This beautiful limited edition piece portrays King Gesar with his retinue of thirteen Wermas (guardian animals) that protect against thirteen dangers.
  • He provides excellent protection against court cases, robbery and wrongful imprisonment.
  • Place King Gesar and his Wermas on your altar. Make offerings of tea and beer to King Gesar on protector puja days.
  • Regular supplications to King Gesar ensures that one is not harmed by court cases, office politics, power struggles or reversals of fortune.

Weight: 1415 grams
Height: 17 cm
Length: 15 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Make: Metal

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