Bejewelled Virupaksa - The Guardian of the West

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The Guardian of the West is the Ruler of Everything. He holds a lasso and guards against obstacles in ones life. He also protects against nagas and other kinds of danger. This Heavenly King is particularly suited to help those born under the signs of Monkey, Rooster and Dog. He is also the best Protector to call upon to protect against black magic or dark spells of any kind. If you are operating in a highly competitive industry with unscrupulous rivals, it is a good idea to have this Guardian in the home.

Invite the four great heavenly kings into your home and they will keep you safe from danger, protect your body speech and mind, and bring you prosperity of the kind that will allow you to do whatever it is you want to do.

Weight: 690 grams
Height: 15.5 cm
Length: 9.5 cm
Width: 5.2 cm
Make: Metal

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