Blue Tara Mirror for Subduing Violence, Dark Spells and Disasters

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Blue Tara is the Goddess of Victory over War and Disasters. She also subdues black magic and violence. She protects you from bad intentions of enemies and wandering spirits who wish to cause harm to you. Use this mirror whenever you feel afraid of someone, or feel that you or your family are under some kind of threat or dark spell.

Before using the mirror activate it by chanting Blue Tara's mantra 7 times and blowing onto the mirror. Imagine dark blue light emanating from the mirror cleansing and removing negative vibrations from the person or situation.


You can use this mirror in all the following ways to invoke the supreme protection of Blue Tara:

  • Whenever you feel fearful or under threat, chant Blue Tara's mantra as you run the mirror over your body starting from the crown, down to your toes. This cloaks you with protection from Blue Tara's energy field.
  • If an enemy is threatening you with violence, shine the mirror onto that person's photograph. This will reduce their hatred towards you and help mend your friendship with the person.
  • If you or someone you know is afflicted by a curse or dark spell, shine the mirror onto their photograph as you chant Blue Tara's mantra. Imagine dark light cleansing the person of all dark spells.
  • If someone becomes severely ill very suddenly, chant Blue Tara's mantra as you run the mirror over their crown all the way down to their toes.

Caring for your Mirror

With good care, this special mirror will serve you well and transmit Tara's empowering energies onto whatever you reflect! This mirror is not made from glass, but from polished brass, and is thus very sensitive and prone to scratches.

  • When cleaning, use only lens-cleaning cloth together with a light spritz of diluted white vinegar to keep your mirror free from blemishes or dust.
  • Do not wipe with ordinary cloth as this might scratch the delicate surface of the mirror.
  • Keep your mirror encased within a velvet pouch when not in use.
  • Once a month, charge your mirror with the Sun's energy by shining it towards the morning sun for about 10 minutes.
  • Once a month, charge your mirror with the Moon's energy by shining it towards a full moon for about 10 minutes.
Weight: 55 grams
Height: 17.5 cm
Diameter: 5.5 cm
Make: Alloy

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