Bodhisattva for Sheep & Monkey (Vairocana) Printed on A Card In Gold

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Vairocana is called the "Great Illuminator" and also a Supreme Buddha, one of the five Diyani Buddhas. He displays the Dharmacakra mudra which denotes the Dharma Wheel. This is the teaching mudra that celebrates Shakyamuni Buddha's first sermon after attaining Enlightenment at Deer Park in Sarnath setting into motion the teaching on the path to Enlightenment. Carry this talisman in your wallet brings wisdom realizations to the Sheep and Monkey, and also career and mentor luck.

On the other side of the amulet is the Dependent Arising mantra, which actualizes all your desires and goals in life.

Weight: 10 grams
Height: 5.5 cm
Length: 8.5 cm
Make: Metal

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