Damaru Charm Bracelet


This red cinnabar charm bracelet strung with white shell and turquoise beads comes with a Damaru charm and 3 silver filigree Mantra orbs. The red cinnabar harnesses the element of Fire to bring Yang energy, and to burn away all disharmony. The Damaru represents joyousness and triumphing over ones adversaries. Wear this for all your relationships to go well, and to turn your rivals into supporters.

Care instructions: This bracelet is strung with red cinnabar, white shell and turquoise beads, and the Damaru and mantra orb charms are silver, plated with 18K white gold. Prolonged exposure to sweat and perfume may tarnish the finish of the charm and fastenings. Polish with a jewellery-polishing cloth periodically to maintain the shine and cleanliness of your bracelet. Keep in a sealed jewellery pouch or box when not in use.

Note: Actual bracelet beads may differ slightly from the photograph due to natural variance.

Weight: 30 grams
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)

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