Lapis Lazuli Wu Lou Bracelet for Overcoming #2 Star

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This lapis lazuli bracelet gives you the energy boost needed to stay resilient against illness energies. Strung with a Wu Lou, the gourd of good health and longevity, and four Om Mani Padme Hum miniature prayer wheels, the lapis lazuli beads channel the healing energies of Medicine Buddha. Wearing this charm bracelet suppresses the monthly and annual #2 star and helps improve energy levels for anyone suffering from low levels of life force and spirit essence.

Care instructions: This charm bracelet contains: lapis lazuli beads, royal blue mantra beads, faceted turquoise coloured beads, golden accents and golden Wu Lou charm. To clean, use a damp cloth but do not soak in water. Metal elements may tarnish when exposed to sweat for prolonged periods; polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth to maintain a quality shine.

Weight: 30 grams
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)
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