Manjushri Mala with Cat's Eye Beads + Free Chant a Mantra Booklet


For Knowledge and Enlightenment

Manjushri is the Wisdom Buddha, who removes all obscurations from your mind allowing you to think with incredible clarity of thought. He is also the Buddha of Knowledge, who helps those pursuing scholastic success, those taking examinations, and those wishing to enhance their wisdom and learning.

This mala is strung with 108 Cat’s Eye beads, a stone believed to impart secret wisdom and to stimulate intuition. The beads are separated by two gold plated cylinders with Manjushri’s seed syllable “DHIH”, and the tassels are accented with gold-plated Double Dorje and Bell.

Perfect to use as a dedicated mala for chanting Manjushri’s mantra: Om Ah Ra Pa Cha Na Dhih

Weight: 85.2 grams
Length: 47 cm
Material: Cat Eye Beads

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Manjusri Mala

I love my Manjusri Mala.

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