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Due to huge demand, both report and verbal reading will be emailed to you in within 21 business days.

We are sorry that we do not do Paht Chee analysis for people under the age of 15 and below.

Paht Chee otherwise known as the 4 pillars of destiny reading is a kind of Chinese astrology. Using your date and time of birth (please use date based on the English calendar and local time), a chart is generated which is then interpreted in order to determine the strength of your heaven luck.

The Chinese believe that when we lead a successful and easy life we are deemed to be lucky and if things do not go so well or filled with obstacles, we are then said to be unlucky. But what is luck all about? Luck as we have it is made up of 3 portions:

One third is Heaven luck, or the kind of luck that you were born with. It is based on the date and time that you were born and uses the Chinese lunar calendar.  It is this portion of your luck that we will be looking at in a paht chee reading. Once you know what is the level of heaven luck that you possess, you will be able to learn how to best optimize your luck by correcting for various deficiencies in your paht chee chart.

The other luck is known as Earth luck and this is the luck that you gain as a result of your surroundings and environment, such the house that you live in and so forth. This kind of luck is analyzed using the practice of Feng Shui.

The third kind of luck is known as Mankind luck and this is the luck that you create based on your actions and decisions. It is also known as karma.

The final outcome of your life will be dependent on the sum total of these 3 kinds of luck. As such we will require at least 55% or more luck in order to have a good and stable life. Thus, only correcting for the Feng Shui of your home does not fulfil the full equation of luck. Only after having a Paht Chee reading done will we know which part of our luck is deficient and thus then able to improve the standard of our life.

Paht chee readings are also used, as a method to gauge when your heaven luck is high and when is it low. During periods when your heaven luck is high you can take more chances with investments or changing jobs or for getting married or other important activities. When your heaven luck is low, it is time to keep a low profile and be more cautious when it comes to investing money and with making important decisions. It is thru destiny analysis that one will begin to realize the timing behind various key events that occur throughout your life.

Our Resident Paht Chee Expert Mr Phillip Lim will analyze your birth chart in detail and his simplified and practical approach to this ancient Chinese science of fortune telling will equip you with the know how to understand why do certain things happen in your life as well. He will teach you how you can identify your lucky and unlucky periods so you will know when to lie low so as to reduce your risk exposure.

How will your reading be given?

  1. You will receive Word document which is a summarized report of 9 - 12 pages
  2. You will receive 2 MP3 files which will be a verbal reading of your chart.
  3. Both report and verbal reading will be emailed to you in within 21 business days

We will identify the following information for you:

  1. Problems areas and obstacle periods of your life.
  2. Remedies and solutions for improving your heaven luck.
  3. In depth reading for your luck for the current year and the following 4 years.
  4. [NEW] A detailed reading of your luck for the immediate 12 months, with special detail on what you need to watch out for.

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