Pi Yao Charm Bracelet for Wealth & Protection


The Pi Yao is a mystical creature believed to protect against all kinds of bad luck. It is especially useful for anyone facing any Tai Sui clashes, as the Pi Yao is said to appease the Tai Sui. This celestial creature is also well known for attracting wealth and prosperity. Stroking the Pi Yao from head to tail daily will help increase the inflow of wealth into your life.

Care instructions:
Please prevent the jewellery from harsh chemicals like perfumes or hairspray . It is also recommended that you wear the jewellery outside so that it does not touch your skin and get exposed to sweat. Please carefully wipe the jewellery with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth after wear to remove chemicals and oils.

Weight: 6.7 grams
Length: 19 cm
Make: 18K Gold Plated Pi Yao
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