Crystal Heart (1 Piece)

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These gorgeous crystal hearts are excellent for promoting a good flow of chi. They have potent cleansing and purifying powers that interact with the body's natural energetic frequency to heal, invigorate and ignite great good fortune. Display them in your living space or on your work desk to transform negative energy into positive energy, and to create good balance in your life.

BLUE LAPIS - Enhances Wisdom & Confidence
Promotes clarity of mind and helps one make all the right decisions. It empowers one with the wisdom, strength and confidence to pave the way for success to come easily.

ROSE QUARTZ - Brings Romance & Popularity
Excellent for attracting unconditional love, peace and harmony. Boosts one's likeability and makes one more influential. Helps reduce stress-related illnesses and mood swings.

DREAM AMETHYST - Fulfills Big Ambitions
A very lucky stone for those climbing the corporate ladder and those in business. Also excellent for students who wish to improve their analytical abilities. Sharpens one's intuition and encourages logical thinking.

TIGER EYE - Improves Inner Strength & Willpower
Encourages mental stability, flexibility and dynamism. Excellent for those starting out in new careers as it stimulates determination, willpower, and a strong desire for success.

AVENTURINE - Attracts Abundance Energies
Emits strong energies of prosperity, abundance and success. Attracts new opportunities,
encourages resilience and opens the mind up to new ideas. Excellent for people in the creativeĀ line!

RED JASPER - Strengthens Health & Immunity
Brings powerful healing energies that clear electromagnetic pollution, speed up recovery andĀ protect against illness. Boosts feelings of well-being to support emotional health.

GOLD SAND - Revitalises Energy Levels
Improves blood circulation and renews inner strength. Promotes resilience and determination; the perfect stone for injecting new vitality into your life so you can attain your goals more easily.

MOONSTONE - Balances the Emotions
Soothes and calms the spirit. Resolves anger issues. Helps one to overcome challenges in a composed manner. Balances one's emotions and attracts strong success energies into one's & life.

Weight: 15.9 grams
Height: 3.0 cm
Length: 3.0 cm
Make: Natural Crystal

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