Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier


Activate the luck of Big & Small Auspicious

The Big and Small Auspicious Stars of the 24 Mountains are what brings the luck of opportunity, windfalls, sudden wealth, big bonuses, new jobs and anything that sets your life on a more lucrative and positive trajectory.

When Big and Small Auspicious gets activated, it brings the kind of luck that gets you the promotion you have been working towards, allows you to change career path, introduces contacts that open new doors of opportunity for you, or helps you land that big and lucrative contract.

Featuring 6 birds and the Auspicious Enhancer, it activates the #6 Heaven Star that rules the year's Lo Shu chart, unlocking the celestial blessings of the gods. Display in a place where you can see it often in a prominent place in the home, in front of you on your work desk, or in a sector that houses the Big or Small Auspicious.

Make: Metal
Height: 2.5 cm
Diameter: 11.5 cm
Weight: 445 grams

Customer Reviews

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Very colorful and heavy, except a bit small.

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