Flying Star July 2023

July 2023 Flying Stars
Quarrelsome Star Flies to the Center
  • #3 Star flies to the centre of the chart
  • Conflicts worsen, uptick in lawsuits and legal troubles.
  • Centre - SE - South - West need remedies
  • NE-N-NW axis is most auspicious.
  • Luckiest sectors are North (Wealth) and SW (Sum-of-Ten)
Stepping into July, we have the #3 Quarrelsome Star taking its turn in the centre of the Flying Star chart, suggesting an increase in conflicts, both on a micro and macro level. We could see new factions forming and people taking their grouses to the extremes. The bonds between family members may be tested. Strong remedies are needed in the centre of your home and office to prevent its hostile energies from causing turmoil in your life.

The SE and South are afflicted by the Illness and Loss Stars. Those living in homes oriented in these directions and those with bedrooms or offices located here should be more careful when it comes to health, personal safety and finances. We also have the Five Yellow settling in the West. Minimize activities in all these parts of the home and carry protective amulets.

The NE-N-NW holds the spot for most auspicious axis this month, suggesting that homes and buildings oriented this way enjoy good fortune, especially in matters of making money and gaining support. There are exceptional energies to be tapped in the East and SW as well. Move your daily activities and socialising to these lucky sectors if you can.
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
6th Month of the Gui Mao Water Rabbit Year (7th July 2023 - 7th August 2023)

Hit By The Illness Star

The SE gets afflicted by the Illness Star so those with SE-facing homes and those residing in SE sector bedrooms are advised to take better care of their health. The energies here weaken your inner chi, causing you to fall sick, succumb to mental stress or get affected by wandering spirits. Accidents and injuries are also more prevalent when the #2 is present. Those who are elderly or unwell should avoid spending time in this sector. Remedy by displaying a Wu Lou here. Carry the Healing Herbs & Longevity Amulet to strengthen your inner chi. Wear the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Shawl to ward off harmful spirits.

The Loss Star Visits

The #7 Star brings fierce energies of loss and betrayal to the South. If your home faces South or if your bedroom is located in this sector, there are threats of getting cheated, robbed or backstabbed by someone you trust. Be wary of who you put your faith in this month. Lie low. Take a break from socialising and don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Display the Anti-Robbery Plaque or Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros here to control the burglary energy. Wear the Gold Rooster with Fan or Gold Kuan Kung Pendant to ward off those who wish you and your reputation harm. Carry the Wealth Lock Amulet to prevent loss of wealth.

Sum Of Ten Brings Completion

Good fortune flourishes in the Southwest with the Magnification Star strengthening the resident Victory Star and forming the powerful Sum-of-Ten combination together with it. These fabulous energies elevate one’s career and business prospects by bringing new opportunities and swift completion to plans. They enhance wealth, reputation and help one secure a more stable future. A very lucky sector to activate. Also a lucky month for those living in SW-facing homes, residing in SW bedrooms, as well as matriarchs. Activate the good fortune energies here with the Nine Rank Badge Plaque or Red Arowana. Harness completion luck by carrying the Sum-of-Ten Amulet. Those pursuing career success can display the Dragon Tortoise Ru Yi in this part of your office.

Positive Transformations

The East enjoys an abundance of success and recognition luck, making it an excellent sector to activate for those pursuing academic endeavours and career advancement. The #1 Star enhances courage, and sharpens one’s intuition and leadership abilities. It attracts new opportunities and positive transformations into your life so you can get ahead of the competition and achieve whatever you set your sights on. Harness this luck by displaying the Joyous Windhorse here and carrying the Windhorse Success Amulet. Students should spend more time in this sector to benefit from creative energy, but ensure this area does not get too noisy, or the annual #2 Star could get activated. Display the Great Magic Tortoise to subdue illness chi.

Conflict Energies Prevail

The Quarrelsome Star taking centre stage spreads conflict chi over everybody’s relationships. Heated arguments and legal problems can be rife; quarrels between spouses and family members become more prevalent. At work, the #3 Star triggers disputes that make progress difficult and hurts everyone’s prospects. Decisions made out of anger lead to lost opportunities and bring problems with the authorities. Don’t let your temper get the better of you! Suppress the conflict chi here with the Trinity of Apples and a red carpet. Protect your friendships and working relationships by wearing the Sky Dog Charm Bracelet. Married couples should keep their love bonds safe by displaying the Marriage Lock on their bedside table.

Keep This Sector Quiet

The West is a dangerous sector as it plays host to the monthly Five Yellow. Best not to disturb this sector for the next few weeks. You don’t want to inadvertently awaken the negative vibrations here, so avoid loud music, knocking, hacking or renovations of any kind. If your front door or bedroom is in the West, cosmic winds send obstacles, illness and misfortune chi your way. Relationships suffer because of increased conflict chi; money loss is possible. Display the Emerald Pagoda and carry the Pagoda Amulet to neutralise the #5. Display the Wealth Lock Mini Plaque to safeguard your wealth. Wear the Hayagriva Prayer Wheel Pendant to dispel dangers that cause physical and emotional harm.

Mentor And Windfall Luck

Luck in the NE takes a turn for the better with the Heaven Star flying in. Residents of the NE may enjoy an unexpected windfall. Obstacles that seemed insurmountable before dissolve on their own accord. There is also mentor luck to help you advance in your career and personal goals. Success will be easier to achieve so make sure you activate the energies here with the Jade Emperor Windchime. Boost windfall luck with the Dog & Rabbit Windfall Activator and attract powerful support with the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman. Use this sector often to benefit, but also have the Anti Robbery Plaque here and wear the Rhino & Elephant Bracelet to keep the annual #7 under control.

Wealth And Business Luck

The North stores exceptional wealth and prosperity luck, making it a really auspicious sector to activate for anyone wanting to improve their finances, generate more income or accumulate assets with the best growth potential. Those in business can reap great returns as well. Fill the North with wealth enhancers like the 3 Sheep on a Mountain, Pak Choy and Ngan Chee Happy Buddha. Residents can wear the Yellow Dzambala Wealth Ring or Gold Money Bag Pendant to attract the month’s wealth luck. If your work desk is located here, face your best direction and display the Cosmic Raven to increase income and see your investments grow.

Scholastic Luck, And Romance

Residents of the Northwest enjoy a boost in creative energies and academic success. The #4 Star inspires some brilliant new ideas. Display the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa to activate. Students should display the Brush with View of 3 Peaks here and carry the Wisdom Pagoda with Scholastic Talisman for enhanced concentration, understanding and retentive powers. This sector also brings love and romance luck. If looking for a life partner, display the Kurukulle Mini Plaque here and carry the Love Vibrations Mirror.
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