Auspicious Rituals for 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon
Chinese New Year falls on February 10th 2024. One of the most important days in the Lunar Calendar, it is a day when tradition is best observed as faithfully as possible to ensure that abundance and prosperity follow you all through the year.
Ritual for Inviting in the God of Wealth for 2024
On the first day of Chinese New Year, the God of Wealth bestows immense wealth, prosperity and good fortune to all who ask for his blessings, making it an excellent time to welcome him into your home.
Good Days to Re-start Work & to Travel During the Year of the Wood Dragon
Try to avoid returning to work on a day that conflicts your animal sign.
Lucky Colors to Wear in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024
According to Chinese metaphysical science, colors are made up of specific frequencies and have different strengths and affinities from year to year.

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