9 Dogs to Activate Prosperity


To activate the power of 9 and future prosperity, which flies to the Southwest in 2024, display these nine dogs to bring you incredible good fortune. DOG in Chinese is KAU and the Number 9 is also known as KAU. These dogs bring loyalty, love, courage, class, confidence, pleasure, charm and a life full of richness and abundance in this coming year.

Weight: 1515 grams
Height Base: 3.5 cm, Dog: 5.5 - 8 cm
Length Base: 29 cm, Dog: 5 - cm
Width Base: 16 cm, Dog: 3.5 - 4.5 cm
Make Base: Wood, Dog: Resin

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Wong Chau lai
9 Dogs

I dont know if it can actially activate any prosperity for me BUT these dogs are lovely and i like it very much.
Quality is also good and i bought it at a bargain.
Thks Mdm Lilian

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