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Annual Paht Chee Update Consultation for 2024



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Due to huge demand, the written report will be emailed to you in within 21 business days.

It is a Chinese tradition for all families to pay a visit to their local temple starting December 21st (Winter Solstice) all the way up to the 15th day of Chinese New Year in order to have their fortunes read for the coming year. The purpose of doing this is not only to have a glimpse into what the coming year will have in store for them, but will also empower them to perform the necessary prayer rituals to mitigate any potential problems to do with their health, wealth, career, love and family relationships. As 2024 marks the transition into period 9, everyone needs to have their annual paht chee update.  This is because period 9 is a transformational period when good luck and gains during period 8 may be lost if you are not forewarned. There are special steps needed in order to benefit from this upcoming fire driven period.


This reading must be read in conjunction with their previous reading in order to obtain maximum benefit and understanding.

This reading will only be available for sale during October 15th 2023 all the way till 31st January 2024. The reading will be valid for the period 10th February 2024 - 28th January 2025.

You will be empowered each month with a good idea of what you can expect from the month; the reading will drill down into the 5 areas of your life as well as specific days that may bring good news or danger.

Some months will bring you the help of allies or mentors, others will bring specific wealth stars, while some other months may increase the probability of danger thus requiring remedies in order to make the best of the year.

This reading will be provided only as a written report.

Customer Reviews

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Colleen Kato
Excellent Paht Chee Update

I felt that my Paht Chee update for 2023 was very thorough, giving me the tools I would need to try to make my year a better one. Mr. Yim first pointed out what my own personal Paht Chee chart said about me and what I needed, what was good for me and what might need to be worked on. He went on to analyze where I stand now and then what my forecast was for the coming year. He told me exactly what remedies and amulets I might need and then proceeded with a month to month analysis for the rest of the year, indicating what each month might hold for me. With this information in hand, I can try to prepare for making my life a better one each month. He even answered the few more personal questions that I had. I felt that Mr. Lim did an excellent job with my Paht Chee update. Based on what I received, I am pretty sure that Mr. Lim took as much time and care with the other analysis he completed this year. I would definitely, with no hesitations, ask him and hope he would do this for me each year.

Anita Fu
Good pointers

I wasn’t aware that this service is available, but when I saw it by mistake I was happy. Phillip gives good advice and cures and reminders. He used easy language to understand and I really enjoy it. Hope this can be available for next year’s too.

Kendra Dawe
Love my annual Phat Chee

I truly love my readings from Phillip. It’s always so accurate when I look back on the past readings when the year is over. I’m hoping all of the items he suggest I place in my home and on person will help in 2023 as it doesn’t look like a good year for me.

Wei Ling Yap

A bit disappointed with the information as they are almost the same as what I already know from Paht Chee Reading few years back which was very expensive.

Shaheen Lakdawalla

Annual Paht Chee Update Consultation for 2023

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