Double Pi Xie With Black String

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The Pi Yao is a mystical creature believed to protect one from all kinds of bad luck. It is useful for anyone at risk of offending the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui. All those born in the zodiac animal sign of the year, as well as the animal directly opposite is believed to be offending the Tai Sui and thus need the protection of the Pi Yao. It is also used to attract wealth luck. It is widely believed that by stroking the Pi Yao will help increase your wealth luck.

The Pi Yao is fashionable and auspicious, bringing protection and good fortune to the wearer.

Weight: 10 grams
Length: 15 - 20 cm (Adjustable)
Make: 999 Silver Plated with 18K Gold

Customer Reviews

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Great but still too loose for my mom's wrist

Great aftersales service! I emailed the team asking if the bracelet can be gifted to my father even though my mother already programmed it for herself.. even if we tighten it to its tightest state, it's still too loose for my mom's wrist.

The team replied that yeah, she can just give it to my dad but it has to be cleansed using a singing bowl first. Hope this info helps others! Thanks, FSMegamall and WOFS!!

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