Emerald Pagoda (Mini)


to counter the Five Yellow

The Five Yellow, or Wu Wang, is considered a misfortune star that brings all kinds of calamities. Often, when this star affliction is too strong, those blows can appear to come all at once. In 2023, the Five Yellow has flown into the NW, the sector of the leader, and when the luck of the leader is afflicted, this affects everyone under his charge. In feng shui, looking after the leader, or Patriarch, is always of utmost importance.

The best cure for the Five Yellow is the 5 Element Pagoda. Its particular shapes effectively counter the negative energies of the wu wang, dissolving its ability to do harm. We have made this year’s 5 Element Pagoda in emerald green, as green is the color of Wood, which overcomes the malevolent Earth energies of the wu wang easily and thoroughly. Green is also the colour of growth.

This Pagoda also comes engraved with the sacred syllables Om Ah Hum and the powerful Dependant Arising Mantra. At its top, is the emblem of the sun and moon, complete with a wish-fulfilling jewel.

Place in the NW of all homes and offices in 2023.

Weight: 90 grams
Height: 8.5 cm
Length: 2.0 cm
Width: 2.0 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I purchased two of these, one for upstairs and one to follow the star of the month. Well worth my puchase and very happy with quailty and weight.

Nice piece

Did not realized the mini is really small. But it is well made and heavy for its size.

Chiek Ong

I give a thumbs up

Mihaela Nistor

This piece of art is outstanding and transfers happiness and positive energy everywhere is located

V Chadha

Emerald Pagoda (Mini)

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