Five Element Pagoda with "OM AH HUM" (Mini)

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The Five Element Pagoda neutralizes the misfortune bringing Five Yellow, which must always be subdued to safeguard your auspicious luck. In 2024, the Five Yellow flies to the West.

The Five Element Pagoda is strengthened with the sacred syllables OM AH HUM, representing one’s BODY, SPEECH & MIND thereby protecting these vital essence of YOU.

Carry with you or display it near you to stay continuously protected against the negativities of the environment, especially those brought by the wu wang. Treat it as essential all year round, but especially during months when the Five Yellow visits your animal sign sector, or a sector within your home or office you spend time in.

Weight: 55 grams
Height: 7.2 cm
Length: 1.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Make: Metal
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