Four Leaf Clover HUM Earrings

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The 4 leaf clover is a rare occurrence over the common 3 leaf version. Although clovers can have more than 3 leaves, the ratio of when a 4 leaf clover grows is roughly one in every 300,000 leaves making it very lucky if you were to find one. Ever since the 1640s it has been a strong belief in the western culture that if you were to find a 4 leaf clover, it is a lucky omen of good luck and good news. When made with the Hum syllable behind it, the good luck granting powers of the 4 leaf clover gets enhanced.

Weight: 10 grams
Height: 5.2 cm
Length: 1.5 cm
Make: Brass with Rhodium Plating and Grade A Zirconia

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