Heavenly Star Windchime


to activate Heaven Star #6

Wherever the #6 Heavenly Star flies to, it brings with it its powerful celestial energies, attracting new opportunities and laying down steppingstones to big success. The Heaven Star also activates benefactor and mentor luck, bringing individuals into your life who can open many doors for you and best way to activate the #6 Heaven Star is with a metallic windchime that fills the space with sound made by metal on metal. The element of the #6 star is Big Metal, and there is nothing more arm you with incredible wisdom and advice.

The powerful than the tinkling sounds of a 6-rod windchime to actualise its energies.

This Heavenly Star Windchime features 6 lucky symbols to attract 6 kinds of luck: including the mystic knot for luck to last, the Maneki Neko cat for wealth, the Wu Lou for good health, the Ru Yi for power and influence, the 4-Leaf Clover for good luck, and the Lucky Horse Shoe to accumulate good fortune, with the Heaven Star in the Center. The mirror on the reverse side is encircled with the wish-fulfilling mantra to make all of your wishes come true.

In 2022, place this Windchime in the Northwest sector where the #6 has landed to activate the tremendous good fortune chi here, to enhance the luck of the patriarch, the leader and of all family members living within the household.

Weight: 165 grams
Height (Stand): 25.0 cm
Height: 19.5 cm
Length: 7.0 cm
Widtth: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal / Arcylic
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