Horse Peach Blossom Amulet

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to activate love luck for Ox, Snake, Rooster

Activating ones Peach Blossom luck is one of the best ways to attract love, romance and marriage into ones life. The Horse is the Peach Blossom animal of the Ox, Snake and Rooster. There is no better way to attract marriage opportunities than by enhancing your luck with your Peach Blossom Animal. This amulet comes with the saying Tian Zao Zhi He which carries the meaning Match made in heaven.

Carry to attract a soul mate, or to get your partner to pop the question.

Weight: 50 grams
Length: 10 cm
Diameter: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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S Anderson

Love the amulets. Perfect for what I want at the moment. Was a bit concerned by the request for passport or drivers licence numbers coming right in behind the Optus and Medibank cyber debacle though.

Thank you for your review :) Please do not worry as we do not request/keep customer sensitive information in our system.

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