House or Office Floor Plan Consultation

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We only accept 2 readings a month as as each analysis is very detailed and provides the best solution for improving the luck of your home. We pay extra focus on resolving any problem that you are currently facing.


  • Name, gender, date of birth (time of birth is optional) (maximum of 4 persons)
  • Blank floor plan with major directions indicated
  • Full Address and snapshot of google map location of the home/office
  • Floor plan with furniture layout (TV, dining, kitchen, beds, sofa, home office) indicated
  • Up 10 questions on the floor plan (eg: - Which is the best bedroom for me and my wife? Can i place a water feature in this part of the living room?)

What will you receive in this reading?

  • We will audit your furniture placements, and provide you advise on the best furniture placements - sofa, beds, work tables
  • We will correctly demarcate and indicate to you where are the 9 sectors of your home/office in both big and small tai chi (Where is the north corner of my house? Where is the west corner of my living room, where is the east corner of my bedroom)
  • We will indicate recommended Feng Shui remedies for the current and coming year for your home (2022 and 2023) as well as correct placement locations.
  • We will reply your questions so as to provide you the best solution to your Feng Shui concerns.

Who should purchase this reading?

The House/Office Floor Plan consultation is a scaled down version of our comprehensive home consultation package which is suitable for small families or for those who live in small apartments, such as studio apartments, townhouses or smaller homes. You can also order this reading for small office with less then 4 persons in the office.

The report will be emailed to you in within 21 business days.

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